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Sex chat without id diret povlivecams.comEnemies to defeatAgoroth scales with your statsReturn to AshdaleSpeak to Gudrik just southwest of Taverley bank. He says that the supply ships that are regularly sent to Ashdale an island located near the Feldip Hills have started returning with their cargo still aboard. The island is apparently deserted and an evil aura hangs over it. He asks you to travel to Ashdale to investigate.Lucy one of the residents of Ashdale too frightened to leave alone.Board the ship docked to the west. When you arrive in Ashdale walk through the town. You will encounter some slime and a claw on the way inspect them if you wish and then continue until you meet Lucy who is cowering in her house. She tells you that the town was attacked by horrible creatures and although she avoided them by hiding in her attic the townspeople were taken away. She doesnt know where they are now but guesses they may be under the island somewhere. You say that you need to get to the other side of the island and she suggests using the sewers which can be entered through a pipe behind her house.Sewer raiderEnter the sewer from the storm drain out the back door. The sewer is populated by a f